Our mission

Our mission is to create space in everyday life with ingenious storage solutions, which can be explained as follows: Clothes and things fill our homes, more now than ever before. They are everywhere and often not where we want them to be. It doesn’t have to be that way. With ingenious storage solutions, everything will find its perfect place. But we are not merely a provider of brackets, drawers, hooks, racks and gliders. We are the creators of space, reclaiming square and cubic metres that have been lost to temporary solutions in so many homes. Everything we do, every little ingenious detail we innovate, everything we sell will bring back and improve living space, making life at home a little better.

Working at Elfa

We believe key to progress lies in engaged and motivated employees, share common values. And, at Elfa we take pride in our culture and core values to focus on our customers, care about innovation, act in a professional manner, believe in humanitarian values and to share a holistic approach.

Working at Elfa

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