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Garage interiors with Elfa storage

Is your garage so full of stuff that there’s no room for the car? Do all the things you need most in either summer or winter lie right at the back of the garage or storeroom? Would you rather putter about in the garden that tidy up hosepipes? If so, it’s time to tidy up the garage with wall-mounted storage to free floor space. Using practical and effective garage storage, you can impose much-needed order on bikes, garden tools, winter tyres, lawnmower, half-empty seed packets and tools. 

Storing board

A storing board lets you combine small shelves, boxes and hooks for versatile storage. All our products can be combined and adapted for optimum storage.

Accessory box

Bracket insert for tire

Circle hook

Bracket post


Mounting is easier than you might think. Follow the three steps below:

Step 1

Top track

Start with the top track which is the only thing that is screwed in to the wall.

Step 2


Montera bärlisten med de två spåren uppåt. Använd vattenpass så att bärlisten monteras rakt. Bärlisten kan kapas till önskad längd. Lägg till lämplig säkerhetsmarginal innan bärlisten kapas och se till att du behåller de två spåren.

Step 3

Konsoler, kroklister och inredning

Montera inredning: konsoler, kroklister, hyllor, backar, verktygstavlor och andra smarta funktioner.

Keep control ...

Three tips for keeping a storeroom tidy