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5 smart storage tips for the kitchen

Getting your kitchen things organised makes your life easier. Here are five great tips to get started.

Open shelves in the kitchen. A child can put things on the shelf.
  • Adapt shelf depth to the things you expect to store on it. This creates easy overview and helps you find the things you're looking for. If you have a pull-out shelf under the worktop, you do not need to bend down to look for things you need.
  • Hang saucepans and frying pans on hooks under a wire shelf. Handy to find!
  • Adapt your storage for things of different sizes. Choose suitable shelves, baskets and hooks according to what you want to store.
  • Space to work in the kitchen is essential.
  • Use doors and walls for storage instead. Look for small hidden storage space – the chances are you'll find it!