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Functional kitchen in a small space

Charlotte and her daughter Molly live in a charming three room apartment in the centre of Malmö. The details typical of the 1920s, such as mirror doors and moulded ceiling have been carefully preserved. The large window that lets so much light in and high ceilings give the 75 square metres a spacious feel. The kitchen is long and narrow, with not much space for storage. Consequently, the few and valuable spaces to be found are permanently covered with everything from mixers to post.

Kitchen with open shelves with a cosy feel

Mother and daughter in the kitchen

The kitchen challenge:

"Yes, take last Saturday for example. We were having a girls' dinner at my place, and were working together in the kitchen. Just imagine - four girls slicing onions and vegetables, peeling potatoes and cutting meat in my little kitchen. We were almost on top of each other," says Charlotte, and laughs. When I saw her kitchen, I understood what she meant. Charlotte gave me a completely free hand to organise her kitchen. The challenge was to free as much surface area as possible without losing storage space. I also wanted to try and match the existing kitchen fittings. Because I love light myself, it was important for me to avoid blocking any light from the balcony with a wall cabinet.

To make the most of the empty wall space, I chose Elfa's wall hang system and shelves with storing boards. I love smart solutions that you can mount yourself without having to call in a professional. All you need to do to fix the wall hang system is to screw a top track to the wall as a support for the wallbands. In such situations, a spirit level is your best friend. you can then start positioning the fixtures for the project. I took into account which kitchen implements were to go on the shelves when deciding depth and width. I mixed materials and design for a personal touch, creating variation without it getting messy.
Illustration of kitchen storage with hanging kitchen implements

Functional kitchen that's easy to work in

What most of us want is a kitchen that's functional and easy to work in. What Charlotte and Molly wanted in particular was lots of worktops and storage. When I arranged kitchen things on shelves, I chose to put the things I use a lot as easily accessible as possible. The things I use least go highest up. Molly loves to bake cup cakes, and therefore naturally has her own space for all her colourful toppings. The storing board also became a place for photos and other decorative things attached using magnets. Nice things to look at when cooking never harm! It was a delight for Charlotte and me when she and Molly came home and saw the transformation. Their delight was unmistakable. "I am totally in love with my 'new' kitchen," enthused Charlotte and gave me a hug.
Narrow, wall-hanging storage with room for coffee, tea, towels gloves and other small items

A quiet morning

Compact storage that makes a big difference. A cup of coffee in the morning is essential for many. Store everything in reach and save time. This solution takes no more space than a painting on the wall, and is only 15 cm deep. Just what you need for a great start to the day.
Door-hanging storage with herbs, spices and other foods

The door became the link

When I was planning, I wanted to create a separate place for letters and other small items, and chose a method of storage that can simply be hung on a door using over-door hooks. Once the fasteners and wallband were in place, all I had to do was hang up the storing board, hooks and boxes I'd chosen. The large baskets provide an excellent place for letters and magazines. The white-painted storing board acts as a decorative notice board as well as a place to keep small items in boxes and on hooks.