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Keeping a work space tidy

It's not always easy to find space for a work space. But when you've read our tips and tricks below, you might find you have more space than you thought! One way is unused walls and door backs. It feels great when you finally get all your important papers, Post-It notes and paper punches finally organised.

Compact work space with floor based storage

Work space for two

Not a single screw has been used to build this work space! It consists of a Freestanding solution with its feet on the floor, perfect if you don't want to or can't drill into the wall. All drawers and shelves are hung in place on the system. A really easy to fit system – and to move. Note the smart detail with the shelf back stop bar used as a magnetic strip. You can attach small magnetic trays to store paperclips and other small items, which can otherwise get lost.

Built-in bookshelf covering the whole wall including door opening

A small bookshelf or a separate library?

Design your own bookshelves. It's a lot easier than you might think. All you need is wallbands, brackets and melamine shelves. If you use a top track and hang standards it's even easier (we recommend spacing out the brackets when the hang standards are close together to make it easy to get all the brackets the same height). One of the big benefits of a flexible bookshelf is that you can adjust the height of each shelf to the books you want to put there, making room for more. Our book support prevents books from falling over the sides. It comes in a range of variants, either clamped on the shelf or fixed on the wallband. You can also fit end panels on the wall on the side of the shelves cut to the right depth, creating enclosed book storage.
Storing board parts

Sort and structure

Fit a storing board with hooks, boxes and shelves to create smart, shallow storage for all your small items. Add a label holder that fits your shelves and boxes for complete control.
Shallow shelves with room for paperbacks

There's always space for a good book

Sometimes, shallow storage is what you need. You might only need to store small things or only have limited space. Our shallow shelves (12 cm deep) are perfect for paperbacks and other small items. And as usual, good ideas have more than one use. The shelves, with their integrated brackets, are reversible and can be used either as a flat shelf or as a tray with a small side to stop things falling out. Best of all, they are straight, so that you can have trays and shelves alongside each other!