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9 smart tips for children's rooms

To be able to keep a child's room tidy, a flexible storage solution is almost essential. You need shelves, drawers and different types of hooks that can be easily moved around and adapted according to the child's age and height, to ensure you've always got the best form of storage, instead of having to keep on changing. As with all other rooms, constantly sorting, saving, giving and throwing away is important. Use our tips below for inspiration!

Smart storage with a bunk bed and sliding doors in children's rooms

A child's desk with a smart solution for drawing

Create the perfect drawing board

Kids love to draw, paint and create! Put together a smart solution that's perfect for painting by using two long drawer frames as a base, with a melamine top shelf as the worktop. Hook our magazine rack on the side of the drawer frame with a roll of drawing paper in it. Fasten an elastic band over the worktop to keep the paper in place. Pens, paints, paint books and other items can be neatly placed in handy mesh drawers. Use drawer stops to prevent drawers being pulled out too far.
Storage of small things in children's rooms

Smart storage for toys

Mesh drawers are sufficiently tightly woven to stop small objects falling out whilst being transparent enough to see their contents. They are suitable for children's small things such as Lego blocks or Barbie shoes, and are even easy to carry thanks to a handle. The drawers and their frame come in many different sizes, and the label holders make it easy to clear up after play.
Wardrobes for children with hanging storage can be moved when the clothes get longer

A flexible wardrobe for the smallest child

Small children have small clothes, and small clothes don't take so much space. That's why it's even better to use flexible storage right from the start with shelves, drawers and closet rods that are easy to move around, raise and of course add to as the child grows. You can use it right through the child's childhood, avoiding having to replace it. It can even go with your child when he/she moves from home!
Storage for children with labels for the child to know what goes where

Storage for everything

"Everything in its place" is the basic concept for keeping order around the room. Different sized drawers mean everything can have its own place, even toy cars, bricks, dolls' clothes etc. And if the drawers are labelled with a photo of the things stored in them, even the smallest child can help keep things tidy. Store things at the child's height so that they can reach their own things.
Storing board with small items for creativity

Make space for your hobby

Is there an unused space in your child's room about 60 cm wide and 15 cm deep? Make it into a hobby corner! Set up a storing board on the wall, either using a wall mount or on an existing Elfa solution with top track and hang standards. Fix a number of transparent boxes for the storing board and fill them with beads, string, glitter or other small items that normally lie loose in large boxes. Once everything's sorted and easy to find, inspiration comes a lot easier! If you go for freestanding boxes, they fit perfectly on metal shelves – mix them together and take out only those you need at any given time. Enjoy!
Hanging storage for sports equipment and hobbies

Finally - room for all your sports equipment

There's a smart storage solution for everything, even sports equipment. Hockey and floorball sticks can be held in a small tool holder, whilst a mesh storage bag is ideal for footballs, basketballs etc. On side of the bag is an opening with Velcro tape to make it easy to get hold of the balls at the bottom. Screw a rack utility rack onto the wall and hang the holder and bag up – easy!
(PS: if you already have an Elfa system, fasten the rack on a wall hang D.S)
Storage behind doors to utilise space

Storage behind any door

The backs of interior doors represent unused space, space that can be utilised with the smart Door and Wall rack. Hang it on the door without the need for tools, and select accessories such as baskets in various materials and sizes, or storing boards with hooks and boxes. Each family member can have their own basket for hats and gloves in the hall, and DVDs or computer games can be sorted by age (height) in your living room.
Child's desk with movable worktop

Flexible desk

A movable worktop means a desk is always the right height. The shelf, which is perfect for a 4 year-old's Lego set is also great for a 14 year-old's homework or computer game. Simply mount the brackets further up the hang standards as your child grows taller.
Screws and plugs to make a storage solution child-safe

Safety is important

Safe solutions are important with small children in the house. Our wall-mounted system is highly stable, but sometimes anchoring the bottom of the hang standards on the wall using their special clips is a good idea. Always use the right screws and plugs for the type of wall.